Officers for 2021

President: Mike Diaferio

Vice President: Vinny Ernandez

Treasurer: Mike Diaferio
Secretary: Doreen Ernandez


Board of Directors for 2021

Mike Diaferio
Miguel E. Elasmar
Vinny Ernandez
Doreen Ernandez
Mark Gatz

Allen Harmsen
Russell Kunke
Linda Kunke
Gary Otto

Susan Otto

Ferd Thompson
Dave Ulsh
Lee VanDegrift


Committee Chairs for 2021

Events – Bonnie Dubin

Gifting – Ferd Thompson
Technology – Miguel E. Elasmar

Founded in Bradenton Fl in the 1980's, The Skyway Corvette Club was originally affiliated with the National Council of Corvette Clubs.  Now based in Sarasota, Skyway Corvette Club encompasses members from several other area clubs, from the Northern Tampa Bay all the way South to Port Charlotte, FL. The club is also no longer an affiliate of NCCC.


The Skyway Corvette Club has been providing a variety of events which include road trips to breakfast, lunch and dinners around the area, club picnics, traveling to car shows, along with an annual long-range road trip to places like Texas, South Dakota, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland to name a few.


The club has hosted the prestigious Corvettes on the Circle car show on St. Armand’s Circle in Sarasota for over twenty years.


To this day and many generations of both members and Corvettes forward, the Skyway Corvette Club continues to seek out, plan and organize new and exciting events, trips and events for its members.


The future of the club looks brighter than ever as its passion; the Chevrolet Corvette approaches yet another generation of exciting, powerful American racing heritage.